Vending Quick Facts/Requirements:

  • We welcome new vendors at any point in the season.
  • You are qualified to vend with us if you are selling items handmade or grown by you in Whatcom County.
  • Fees are paid on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis. Committing to the market by the month or for the season saves you money! Week-by-week vendors pay $12/week, monthly vendors pay $10/week, and season vendors pay $9/week.
  • Vendors must have a 10’x 10′  canopy with weights for each corner; for the safety of other vendors and customers, you must have these items in order to vend.

(Our downloadable application with more detailed rules and regulations can be found at the bottom of the page.)

Who can vend?

A) Any individual or small business selling produce or fruit that has been grown in Whatcom County.

B) Any individual selling his/her own handmade goods (i.e. crafts, home/personal care products, art). We do not allow vendors to sell commercially produced products, and in most circumstances, we cannot accept artisans who do their work outside of Whatcom County. C) Any licensed individual or small business selling hot or prepared foods.

D) Any licensed individual or local business selling eggs, dairy, or meat products.

How much does it cost?

We do not take commissions or season dues. We only charge vendors for attendance. If you know you want to commit for longer stints in the season, we encourage you to pay up front either for the season or by the month. Month fees apply to four-week periods, and not particular months, so you can pay a month’s worth of fees starting any week.





Up-front Cost $162 $40, payable every four weeks $12
Average Cost Per week (for a 18 week season) $9/week $10/week $12/week
Payment Deadline No deadline. By 11 am on Market Day, every four weeks By 11 am on Market Day

Regarding set-up, can I get a permanent booth space?

Yes, booth spaces are assigned, with space selection priority in this order:

A)    Vendors who have been vending on a regular basis (i.e. roughly every 3 out of 4 weeks per month) with the market since 2014 or earlier and commit to attending for the 2017 season by sending in a 2017 application and a $40 deposit on booth fees (deadline May 31st, 2017).

B)    2017 Season applicants who commit to the market by sending in a completed application and paying the up front season fees of $162 (deadline May 31st, 2017)

If you wish to request a permanent booth space, send this completed application with payment ($40 minimum deposit for previous vendors, $162 for new vendors) to:

Lynden Farmers Market, c/o/ Tiffany Hudson, 4623 Guide Meridian WA 98264 (Checks should be made out to: Lynden Farmers Market)

Be sure to identify the space number (s) you would prefer for your booth.  We will do our best to accommodate your preference; please bear in mind that the final decision for booth space assignments lies with the board.

I’m representing a local business, event or non-profit, but I’m not selling anything; can I have a booth at the market?

We handle these on a case-by-case basis, according to space and the service/information you plan to offer. It is best to contact the market manager for permission before you come.

 2017 Lynden Farmers Market Rules and Application 2017 (PDF) 

2017 Lynden Farmers Market Map (PDF)…the current map is being updated.